1. What does it mean to have an employment contract?
  2. Types of employment contract
  3. Self-employment



An employment contract is an agreement between an employer and a worker whereby he offers his services to the employer in exchange for a salary.

Any employment relationship between an employer and a worker must be documented through a contract. This represents an agreement by which the worker, in exchange for remuneration, offers certain services to the employer under his control and direction.

The employment contract supposes rights and obligations for both the worker and the employer.

The law allows formalizing an employment contract both orally and in writing.

The employment relationship ends when the employment contract is void. This can happen when the employer decides, unilaterally, the termination of said contract, either invoking a cause or not. The worker, in this case, is fired. Another possibility is the termination of the employment contract, which implies the disappearance of the agreed obligations and rights.