The main objective of the curriculum is to offer migrant workers the knowledge and tools necessary to know their labour rights and obligations within the EU countries thought a training program.

In addition, pedagogical techniques are shown and skills oriented to train learners so that they can become peer trainers, and transmit the knowledge acquired about the labour market and the rights and obligations of workers to other members of their community.

The emphasis of the curriculum is therefore focused on disseminating knowledge about supporting migrant workers, mentoring approaches and how to present key issues of interest to migrant workers about their rights in relation to:

    • Employment contracts.
    • Minimum wages, taxes, and payroll expenses.
    • Working conditions and security standards.
    • Health care and insurance.
    • Labour unions and other support organizations.

At the end of the course, learners will have acquired the necessary knowledge to understand globally what their rights and obligations are related to the EU labour market, and more specifically, the labour rights and obligations in the country in which they reside. In addition, they will feel empowered to teach this knowledge to other members of their community, helping to spread more knowledge about labour rights among the migrant population.