About the project


The Know Your Rights (KYR) project aims to train migrant workers to improve their knowledge about rights at the workplace, both by providing an EU-wide understanding of the legal framework and at a national level.

KYR has implemented approaches to so as to engage migrant workers through online tools and peer mentoring, and by providing information in 3-5 languages in each partner country in cooperation with the trained migrant peers.

The project provides comprehensive information on labour legislation to migrants, while the overall objective of the project is to create processes and good practices which can be further disseminated by the peers to their local group.


KYR’s aim is to improve public interventions such as inspections in the workplace by promoting and raising awareness about national and European legislation and regulations on workers’ rights. In addition, the project has trained migrant workers in order to improve their knowledge about their labour rights.


The main results of the project include the development of a deep understanding of labour laws and the creation of a local support mechanism for migrant workers. Another result is the active involvement in a European-wide migrant support network with the introduction of the peers through the KYR project. Another main result is raising awareness on migrant workers’ situations and challenges, empowering the workers and creating safe working environments across Europe.


The project had a 24-month duration, from September 1, 2019, until October 31, 2021.

The Project was funded by the European Commission in the framework of Erasmus+ programme – KA2 Strategic Partnerships in the field of Adult Education.