O1 GAP analysis

Competence GAP analysis to define and gather information on stakeholders, gaps in services/support to migrant workers, support and services to migrant workers.

National Report (ICELAND)
National Report (AUSTRIA)
National Report (CYPRUS)
National Report (LITHUANIA)
National Report (SPAIN)
Comparative report

O2 Curriculum and training program for peers (migrant workers)

Curriculum and training content followed up with their involvement in content development.


National curricula in English
Curriculum (ICELAND)
Curriculum (AUSTRIA)
Curriculum (CYPRUS)
Curriculum (LITHUANIA)
Curriculum (SPAIN)

O3 Production of “Know Your Rights” videos

Production of locally adjusted informative videos on five topics, presented in several languages.

O4 Pilot training of peers

Partners trained 8-10 bilingual peers in each country to participate in a peer mentoring workshop.

O5 “Know Your Rights” platform

Project results are accessible on the “Know Your Rights” platform. The platform hosts information material about Employment Contracts, Trade Unions, Healthcare & Insurance, Minimum Wages, Payroll & Taxes, and Working Conditions & Security Standards, tailored on the national context of five EU countries, namely, Cyprus, Island, Spain, Lithuania and Austria. The platform consists an open educational resource in different languages addressing different groups of migrant workers.


A total of five multiplier events  were organised at a local level, one in each partner country with the aim to disseminate the results of the project to migrant workers, policy-makers, training and employment centres, social services, and counselling services/mediators for migrant workers.

The multiplier events were organised in September and October of 2021, including the Final KYR conference that was held in Reykjavik, Iceland, in October 2021.